Signal & Noise

Recently, a friend of mine, Mauna Burgess, posted a Facebook video by Gary Vaynerchuk about not worrying about how many subscribers you have, just focusing on making good content.

This reminded me of a short video Zack Arias made a few years ago. It’s a video I go back to and watch occasionally. Maybe not as often as I should. It’s probably good for my mental health.

When I speak with people, especially those who are just getting into video or photography, a lot of their biggest complaints is that their pictures don’t look as good as someone else’s, or they don’t get as many likes. I think it’s a trap that a lot of us fall into.

The intro is a little long, but the video really gets going around a minute in. If you enjoyed this content, you may enjoy his other video, Transform.

TL;DW: Worrying about FB likes is noise. Perfecting your craft is signal. Focus on the signal, not the noise.

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